Our goal in breeding is that dogs shall be functionally healthy, with a construction and a mentality typical to the breed, and will live a long, healthy and happy life.

Kennel Alpha Grade

is a family run business based in Lappeenranta, Finland. We have been dedicated to White Swiss Shepherd breed (Berger Blanc Suisse) for 10 years. The kennel is fully licensed and registered in FCI via Finnish Kennel Club. We follow the international FCI and national breeding rules and recommendations for breeding healthy dogs. In addition to health, our main focus is good-natured temperament. As minimum our breeding dogs are checked for HD, ED, MDR1, LTV / spondylosis, hereditary eye diseases and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy). They all have also passed the Finnish character test for working dogs.


All our dogs are first and foremost our companions through life, but we participate in, e.g., exhibiting (Finland, other Nordic countries), agility, and therapy dog activities (in minor scale tracking and obedience training). Our puppies are family raised, they have lots of room and inspiring environment with proper incentives, and love of course! They are carefully socialized to new people, animals (mostly other dogs or cats?), voices, and surfaces.


We believe that honesty and cooperation are the keys in succeeding in breeding healthy dogs, and in improving the quality of the breed. Thus we cooperate nationally and internationally with other Kennels and breeding clubs/societies. Being an academic family, we also trust the scientific research results, and are interested in effects of breeding programs/standards on the breed, but also highly appreciate experience gained in practice.


We are affiliated with several kennel clubs, such as Finnish Kennel Club, Finnish WSS Club/society, local service and agility dog clubs. We are also active members of several club boards. Our cooperation activities have had main focus on Nordic and national cooperation. We are happy to promote high quality stud dogs, even if they are not our own – and open for polite and constructive conversations on the breeding.


And last, but not least: Our next litter is planned for spring of 2017.

Being a minor scale and responsible breeder, we are, to many extent, picky in selecting homes for the puppies. However, we are open minded and try to do our best for each individual litter and puppy, The two previous litters have been made in cooperation (50/50 %) with Kennel Veshukan, and we are extremely proud of them, and their owners. Both litters are in good health, successful in their hobbies, and in daily life.

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Kennel Alpha Grade

Vi är en liten kennel som föder upp Vita Herdehundar i hemmamiljö (Lappeenranta, Finland). Vi strävar efter att avla friska och rasenliga valpar med ett trevligt lynne. Alla våra avelsdjur följer självklart rasklubbens hänvisningar (och FCI regels) och är HD/ED/ryggraden röntgade och öga/DM/MDR beskrivna. Dom har också genomfört det finska LT mentaltestet. Vi är naturligtvis intresserade av avelsrekommendationer och -regler i andra länder och deras resultat för rasen.

Många av våra hundar är ett resultat av lyckat Nordiskt samarbete. På sommar vi och våra hundar brukar att resa inom Norden och hälsa vänner. Vi planerar försiktigt varje kull för att främja rasen och utveckla den på bästa sett, både exteriört, mentalt och hälsa. Nästa valpkull planeras till 2017.

Hundarna är för oss som familjemedlemmar – de är alltid närvarande och med överallt.

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Satu-Pia and Ville

Kennel Alpha Grade

Lappeenranta, Finland


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