Veshukan Yori

C.I.B Champion International de Beauté

NORD CH Nordic Champion

FI CH Finnish Champion

SE CH Swedish Show Champion

NO CH Norwegian Show Champion

EE CH Estonian Show Champion

LV CH Latvian Show Champion

LT CH Lithuanian Show Champion

BALT CH Baltic Show Champion

FIJW-14 Finnish Junior Winner 2014

ALPENSG-18 Alpensieger-18

BENELUXW-18 BeNeLux Winner 2018

BALTW-18Baltic Winner, Estonia, Kiili 18.8.-19.8.2018


DNA test results (MyDogDNA)



Born Feb 13, 2014 (Lappeenranta, Finland)


ED 0/0

DM and MDR1 free.

Eyes ok

Finnish Character test accepted with 155 points (great balanced temperament)

No allergies of any kind.


Available for breeding.


Contact owner Tino.jalonen (at)


Yori gained the beauty champion title in Kotka International Show (June 2016). And compete succesfully in water recue.



Video Milano World Dog Junior Class: Yori is shown at 34 min.

Yori is a healthy male born (2014) and living in Finland. He has gained excellent results from Dog Shows, and together with his owners he has took part into international exhibitions, and is an International Beauty Champion, among many others.. Hestarted his show carrier on ealy age and won the Finnish Junior Champion title in 2014 at age of 10 months, and was 2nd in Junior Class of Milano Worls gow Show (and 3rd of the Club Show) in 2015. Ahd he is now true C.I.B. with multi CHs. He also loves his other hobbies, and namely water rescue (and has titles from successful work in it as well). Great multi talent boy.


His owners are interested in international co-operation in breeding White Swiss Shepherd dogs. Yori is available as stud dog for healthy females. Yori fulfills all FCI requirements in health, and has ful FCI pedigree. Check his DNA test results here.


He is well-balanced and solid in temperament. He is open-minded, has good training abilities, and easy companion in travelling. I would also call him a highly intelligent dog. He is independent and brave enough to make his own decisions, but luckily he is also very friendly. His main hobby is water rescue, and he has done great in competitions of this demanding service dog hobby.


His father is a multi-champion (Nordic, other European countries), his grandfather has Swedish KORAD title - just to mention something. His bloodline can also be tracked to the very first WSS registered in Europe. The litter is result of excellent co-operation on several Europian breeders for generations. This Y litter has been healthy and all siblings have excellent characters. In June 2016 Yori and his brother Yasu have the FI CH title at almost minimum age possible.



Above: Yori Nordic and Norwegian CH (2018)


Left: Yori CACIB in Jan 2016 (Turku International Show).

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